Argentina & Chile,

7th March - 28th March 2010

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This is a kml file detailing 3 weeks of trekking in Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia in March 2010. There were 3 treks:
1. Frey trek at San Carlos de Bariloche
2. the Los Hitos Trail from Argentina to Chile
3. the Gaucho Trail through the Cochamò Valley from Chile back to Argentina.
In all we walked 127 km at 3.4 km/h as a moving average.

The file also includes a 27km cycling circuit, called the Chico Circuit, at Bariloche, purely because of the scenic viewpoints.



Click to open GPS tracks - image as viewed in Google Earth.


Alternatively, by clicking on the image on the left, all GPS tracks may be viewed in either Google Maps (in segments) or Google Earth - tracks courtesy of Ralph Pina. 


Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

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