Argentina & Chile,

7th March - 28th March 2010

[6 - Senda Los Hitos:  Lago Puelo to

Lago Las Rochas ]


Dawn at Lago Puelo campsite, about to set off towards the Chilean border.


Tuesday 16th March

Our passports now having acquired the appropriate visa stamps, we left the campsite around 10h00 after a good night's rest. Remaining in close proximity to lake, we reached the river Puelo, from which the waters of Lago Puelo drain into the neighbouring Lago Chico (or Lago Inferior). Here we stopped for lunch, soaking up the glorious sunshine. A metal post marked the border between Chile and Argentina effectively running across the river; a round of photographs resulted, limbs straddling either side of the border post, so that we could later enthusiastically claim that we literally had each foot in a different country! The weather was kind to us though the terrain through the dense forest was tough at times and the path on the Chilean side often interrupted by debris. Further on a sign in the forest welcomed those entering the territory to Chile! It is interesting to note that Chile and Argentina, though never at war with each other, have named some of their border treaties as "peace treaties" and ratified a Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1984.

View towards Lago Puelo and the shores where we camped and swam the night before.



Gradually we approached the frontier where a signpost marks the actual border between Chile and Argentina, literally one foot in each country.



Kelson with one foot in two worlds; Kelson and Elena at our lunch stop on day 2, where the waters of Lago Puelo drain into the neighbouring Lago Inferior; Andre relaxing and reading                       - the question is, did he compelte the book by the end of the trip?


Andre making full use of the walking poles. Harald's pose suggests life in the bush is just great!


A sign welcoming hikers to Chile. (L-R) Kelson, Sibylle, Andre and Ralph.


View looking back to where the waters of Lago Puelo (in Argentina) drain into the neighbouring Lago Inferior (in Chile).



Hiking through the forests of Chile, where the path seemed less well maintained but no less pretty.

The sign identifying the Chilean Carabineros.

Ralph at the Chilean Carabineros; Andre & Harald wait for Chilean passport formalities to be completed.


En route we were to encounter many Gauchos (or Huasos) on horseback.

We reached the Chilean Carabineros post, located on an exposed hill with a clear view, around 17h00. A local farmer sporting the traditional poncho which we would typically see them wearing, galloped by on horseback. A short walk further on, we reached a beautiful campsite for the night at Lago Las Rocas, though slightly later than the previous day. The formalities in terms of settling in were concluded before dark and included a spontaneous dip in the water, so refreshing that the significantly cooler temperatures at dusk mattered not. A woman trotted by on horseback with two children. A border guard sped down the hillside towards the lake on a quad motorbike, his golden retrievers whipped up into a barking frenzy (and Xandra into pure the sight of yet another specimen of the canine population) as they (only the dogs, that is to say) chased after the vehicle and its owner, who boarded a motorboat on the river and sped off, only to return sometime later.




Settling in at our campsite at Lago Las Rochas, just beyond the Chilean border post.


Preparing dinner and chilling Chile; Xandra, mug in hand, (L-R) Andre, Xandra, Sibylle & Harald, whilst Harald fiddles with his rod, the group waiting impatiently for that illusive trout!


Clare & Elena relaxing and bonding; Kelson prepares din-dins.



Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

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